Language Learning


for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

-Luke 6:45

The end of language learning is to be able to communicate with God and people around us in a langauge that is exact, beautiful and simple. Language is for expressing thought. Without thought, language itself even full of beautiful words and witty figures sound empty.

So we should not over emphasize language skills, which are obtained gradually and unknowingly by imitating. What we hear, what we read, so shall we speak and write. It would be better to be guided by the search of what is truth and good and beautiful, than to be motivated by the pursueing of language skills. The former way will bring us richer rewards.

The Holy Bible is the best language textbook in the world. There are in it poems, parables, stories that were written in the most exact, most beautiful and the simplest words, to convey the noblest, purest and deepest thoughts. If often read, it will elevate both our thought and language.

Other books, such as those true stories or stories based upon real life, written in beautiful language, or the biographies of those people with beautiful life witnesses, or those stories about the nature, or some very good fairy tales, can also benefit our mind and language.

Children in different age should be provided with different books to read. At first, they can read some simple and short books, gradually to those with richer language and deeper thought. Besides they should be encouraged to write often, and read their writings to others. Young children can exercise by retelling the stories they were told, or sharing their experiences with others. As their age increases, they can include more things in their writing, whether daily trifles, or their observation of the nature, or their thoughts about life, can be their writing material. And when they are older enough, they can be be encouraged to edit a small magazine of their own.

Above all, as the Bible says, what the heart is full of, the mouth speaks. Language is a reflection of the soul. If we have a sound and beautiful heart, we shall have sound and beautiful language too.