My Dream

Trust in the LORD, and do good;
so shalt thou dwell in the land,
and verily thou shalt be fed.
Delight thyself also in the LORD:
and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

- Psalm 37: 3-4

I dream of finding a place, amongst undulating mountains, where a clear  river like a crystal belt winds through the valleys.

There we dwell in the cabins we build ourselves. Outside there grow fragrant sweet-olives, green bamboos, and tall pines and fir trees. Roses, jasmines, daisies, azaleas and wild flowers with different colors adorn the ground.

All the cabins face east. Every morning, opening the door, we can see the rising sun warming the mountains and fields. In the woods, the mist is dispersing; in the fields, the dew is dropping from the tree leaves and the grass blades, crackling like wood burning in the fire. The air is damp, filled with the bitter sweet smell of the sap and wild flowers.

On sunny days, the bright warm sunlight would come in through the door and windows, shedding on the floor, and the simple handmade furniture which reveals graceful wood veins. The beds are made up with benches and planks, on which are spread thick soft hay and straw matting. On the table there are a pot with flowers in it, and a crockery pot containing drinking water. Besides these, there are a small bookcase and a small wardrobe in the room. This is a bedroom cabin.

In the kitchen cabin, there are a stove, a table and a cupboard. There are also cabins for bathroom and toilet. The waste and trash are buried in the vegetable fields to make fertilizer. Water is conducted from a spring in the mountains, to kitchens and bathrooms.

In front of these cabins there is yet a tall and long cabin, facing east, with many windows on both sides, which makes the inside bright and airy. On the west wall, there hung a wooden cross, and a board written with Ten Commandments, beneath which there stands a small wooden pulpit, adorned with fresh flowers. Beside the pulpit, there are a synthesizer, a guitar and a set of drums. When there are gatherings, music would flow out of these instruments, harmonized with singing flying out of the cabin. There are many handmade wooden chairs neatly arranged in rows. This is our small chapel. It is surrounded with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Every dawn, while the day is not yet broken, the moon and the stars not fading, we gather in the chapel already. Our singing of hymns and our voices reciting the Bible ring and echo in the quiet and solitude mountains, under the beautiful dawning sky.

After breakfast, children begin their study, as for the adults, some occupy themselves in teaching the kids, some in reading and learning their own books. The kids need to learn many things. They need to learn how to communicate with simple, clear yet beautiful languages, they need to explore and understand the law and the knowledge about the nature, they also need to develop their gifts in music, arts and crafts, and our ancient Wu-shu and dances. Every course is to guide them to know more about God, and to love Him more. Every child is to develop to the full their abilities and talents, to serve his neighbors and glorify God.

Toward noon, we prepare lunch together. After lunch we take some rest to refresh ourselves. In the afternoon, sometimes we, adults and kids alike, would go to work in the fields (we grow all the grains and vegetables we need), sometimes we would stay indoors and do some housekeeping, or make furniture, sometimes we need to build new houses, and sometimes we would make some evangelic flyers and pamphlets, and give them out in the nearby villages and town, sometimes we go to visit the surrounding churches or the houses of some local Christians.

Soon the sun is setting, the cool wind begins to blow. The sun reluctantly takes leave of the mountains and the fields, the sky grows darker and darker. We call it a day and come gather in the chapel. Hand in hand we sing hymns thanking God for His care and protection of the day.

 After dark, we again gather in the chapel. The kids listen to story-telling and read their favorite story-books, while the adults apply themselves in studying Bible and books by Ellen Whites and others, we also read some true stories like Though A Thousand May Fall. Sometimes we adults also play some games with the kids. Then we would read a passage from the Bible together, after singing a hymns, we finish the day with prayers, and go back to rest.

 On Friday, we do cleaning together and make other preparation for the Sabbath. On Sabbath morning, we usually worship in the chapel, in the afternoon if the weather is fine, we would go out hiking and exploring the mountains.

This kind of life is what I dream to live. I want to realize this dream with God's help and guidance.


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