Evening Bell


Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

- Matthew 11:29


Angelus is a famous painting by Jean-Francois Millet. It depicts a peasant couple praying in the twilight field  when the  Angelus rang.

When evening falls, and the stars appear in the night sky one by one, let us lay down the day's toil and burden, and lift up our hearts to Lord Jesus, let us receive from Him the sweet rest and gentle comfort, which would refresh our withered spirit, heal our wounded heart, and cleanse the dirt and filth from us.

Probably, after the dinner until going to bed, we might have one or two hours' leisure time. If so, how could we spend it? How could we make it both pleasant and profitable?

Probably we could be as the little robin, who with sweet and melodious singing, gives thanks to the Creator for His care and protection throughout the day before falling into sound sleep.

Probably we could quietly read a few pages from our favorite books, under the soft light, in the gentle humming of the night insects. What pleasure it would be!

Probably we could sit with our loved ones under the deep star-lit sky and imagine our lovely and glorious heavenly home, breathing the  cool refreshing air, admiring the twinkling stars which the Creator placed in the sky like so many glistening diamonds.

Probably in those families with children, parents and children could sit around and read some interesting and good books together, then talk with each other. What a warm and lovely picture that would be!

This remind me of the church in Shencheng. Every evening after dinner and cleaning-up, brothers and sisters living in the church would sit around the table in the office, and read books together. They took turn to read aloud passage after passage, until they finish one or two chapters. This way, they can read several books in  a year, though they have to bustle and toil in the day. How nice it would be to spend the evening this way too.


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